Thursday, 16 April 2009

DIY extravagenza!

On Friday I put the doors onto our IKEA shelves in the livingroom- they have been sitting there since Christmas! I have stored all my cookbooks on the top shelves so it's easy access from the kitchen. I think they look quite shaker style- simple and I love the white! Although looking at this photo I do worry that they are bulging at the sides!! mmm....On Monday we borrowed Nathan's Mum's car and took a trip to IKEA to purchase more shelves- I just have too many things!! So we bought a second set of the shelves in the livingroom for the back bedroom. I really like how nicely it works with the blue!

For the front room we bought an IKEA Expedit shelf and placed it on it's side. It's the same length as the couch so works as a good room divider and will hopefully hide all our mess.... I am currently sorting through everything to put it in the relevant box!
I also put up some picture frames and filled them with photos that used to be in picture frames in my old flat. Nathan also got a number of frames that he is going to fill with his rugby and school days photos.

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