Monday, 20 April 2009

The Weekend including Julie's 30th Birthday!

I had a lovely weekend! I did quite a bit but I also caught up on a lot of sleep!!

On Friday Nathan and I went to the cinema with Mark and Zara to see 'I Love You Man'.... I am not usually a huge fan of movies like this but since I wasn't paying any extra for it, with my new cinema card, I thought I'd give it a go. I really enjoyed it! It did exactly what it said on the label- it made you laugh!- more than usual as well. If you are up for a bit of escapism with a little bit of cringe then def go see it!

On Saturday Nathan and I woke really early- 6.45!! What is wrong with us- it was a Saturday! So we went back to sleep and got up later in the morning. After doing some chores I decided that I needed another lay down in the afternoon and I didn't get up again until 7pm!!! I slept for an extra 5 1/2 hours!! Amazing!!! I guess my body must have needed it!

I got up and along with Lesley went to Julie's 30th at Amicus Apple. It was a lovely evening and so good to celebrate with such an old friend (not in age though Jules- 30 is the new 20!!). I can't believe I've known Julie for 18 years!! It's so scarey! Even the fact that our 18th were 12 years ago freaks me out!- eekk! There were loads of lovely people there and everyone enjoyed a great catch up and some lovely drinkies at Amicus (they make great cocktails!)
James (Tanya's fiance), Tanya, Julie, Me and Susan.

Tanya, Julie and I all worked together in Jenners, an independent department store in Edinburgh. We started there in our second last year of high school and used to work on a Thursday evening and Saturday. We'd always meet in the staff canteen on a Saturday for a good gossip! It was great seeing Tanya and catching up with her, although it turns out that she works with Nathan's Mum so has heard all about me! She just didn't realise it was me! She even knew about our new curtains! So funny!- the world is a small place!
I had to pinch these photos from Julie's facebook page (I forgot my camera!- unheard of!!) Me, Kerry and Lesley.
Julie and I used to get the number 8 bus home from school together and first meet aged 11 and 12! By all accounts I think she had a great birthday and had a lovely family brunch the next day too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULES!!

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Jennie - you look so pretty, I love that dress!