Thursday, 23 April 2009


I have a huge urge to buy buy buy at the moment and it's all I can do to stay out of the shops! Although saying that Hillary and I were in town over the Bank Holiday weekend and I saw nothing I liked!! I think on-line shopping may be the way forward! As long as you know your style I don't think you can go too wrong!

My Mum is off to the States for work soon so I put in a request for some summer dresses. I have a small amount of pennies set aside, mostly for work wear. She has instructions to go to J Crew (love that store!) Gap and Bananna Republic. I even sent her the google map from her office to the mall!! 14 mins to be exact!! Hopefully she'll have time to go look round for me. Even with this bad economy and the falling pound it's still cheaper to buy Stateside.

I found some very nice dresses on the boden website though.

I'm loving my purple this spring. I really like this dress... it has a lot of the things I'm liking at the moment- purple, corsage and layered colours.
I really like the waist on these dresses too. When I look for dresses I always look for low neck line (flaunt what you've got!) nipped in waist or empire waist and knee length. It also needs to be A line or floaty on the bottom so my big J Lo ass can fit into it!!
I am keen on this jumper but I like it in eggshell. I have a palette of colours that I tend to stick too. Egg Shell/ Mint green, Coral, Navy, Black and White but I've been introducing a bit of emerald green and cornflower blue.
I love these cute shoes. One of my friends had on high heeled versions of these at the Melrose Sevens but these days I don't wear my heels as much. I still have 50+ pairs of lovely heels though! My favourite shoes at the moment are my flat LK Bennet gold peep toe shoes... I bought them two summers ago and have worn them to death- they've been resoled and heeled a number of times but I love them!! So I maybe need to invest in a few new pairs! (once the finances are better!)

I am wearing a navy and white pokka dot dress (I have had it for 2+ years but have not worn it yet!) to a wedding we have at the beginning of May and in the spirit of saving money I am going to wear red with it as I have red shoes, pasmina etc but I don't have a red bag and I saw this one on the boden website and fell in love- it's very expensive for a clutch though!! But I will see how much I can be good with my money in the next week and maybe this can be my one treat for the wedding!! And finally I would love to find a good quality white leather slouchy bag for the summer. I have a great black winter bag that I have used faithfully for the last 4 winter seasons. Each summer I have bought a cheapish white bag and they never last! Last years one got caught in what felt like a Monsoon when I was in Dublin last August- we were soaked through!! The indigo dye from my jeans stained it so I had to throw it out! I hate that!! I have seen this lovely bag in Gap but I noticed it had money off in the states and it's 2/3 cheaper anyways! with the dollar! Hopefully my Mummy Personal Shopper can find it for me!!

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Heidi said...

Loving it all my dear - that top dress is so you and I lOVE that white are so cute!!