Thursday, 16 April 2009

Easter treats!

This was my Easter table for Easter Sunday! We didn't end up having the tasty breakfast of poached eggs and bacon muffins because Nathan had cooked them all for him and a few of the boys at 4am after the days drinking at Melrose!! (and they still ate some of the Simnel Muffins!!)

We did however join Lily and Neil at the Malt Whisky Society for lunch which was really good. We got Neil membership for his birthday so it was a good chance to all utilise the clubs facilities.
I got the idea for the Easter basket cupcakes from Bakerella's blog Although I found it difficult to source laces that were long enough. I finally went to ASDA (A Walmart owned store) and found these but had to use props to ensure the basket handles looked just that!

My Easter baskets for Lily and Neil, Mum and Dad and Becky and Dougie. Mum, Becky and I all had a set of rabbit ears and the boys got aerodynamic rugby shaped balls designed like rabbits!
Mum and Dad were very generous and we each got an Easter gift.... Becky and I are both going to smell very fresh for Spring with our new perfume!
One of my poor ears broke!! But Nathan decided it was fitting as I was such a tired rabbit!
Becky and Dougie cuddlying up on the couch!
I brought the Easter basket cupcakes down to Mum and Dad's to add to her table.
Mum made a delicious lamb and roasted potatoes! So tasty and great to spend the evening with everyone even if we weren't too full of beans after our adventures on the Saturday!!

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Heidi said...

Oh Jennie - you are so talented! I am going to start calling you the 'cupcake queen' you surely have a gift!! I could totally see you with a little cupcake shop.....dreaming for you!!