Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Day 2 of the new routine!

Well day 2 and I'm still going strong!!

Yesterday evening I walked along the Water of Leith from Leith to Stockbridge (almost 4 miles!)... I got a little lost but apart from that it was a lovely spring evening and I even saw a heron on the water!
Note to self though. Pack a rucksack rather than a very heavy overweight handbag ( I felt very lopsided!) And bring my i-pod and bug spray!! Also using my trainers rather than my MBTs meant I was able to go further too! The MBTs work my calves too much!

Then this morning we were up again at 6am - well 6.09 after a wee extra snooze!! And off to the gym for a kite club (Abs)

We have said that for the next 8 weeks we will try and go to the gym every week day morning.... The plan is Monday- swim, Tuesday- Abs, Wednesday- Swim, Thursday- Arms and Legs and then Friday- Swim and then a big walk at the weekend.

It was great having Nathan there- his Sports Science degree and experience of working in gyms is very useful although I think I am less capable than the people he would usually have trained with- for example I had a great, less than graceful dismount from the Swiss ball this morning! (I can never get my balance!!)Not quite what we looked like this morning but I can dream I'll have abs like this one day!
The highlight of the morning however was the poached eggs on English muffin that Nathan made me for my breakfast- yum! It made getting up so early worth it!! Plus I'm liking that I feel like I've already had some of the day to myself, before I get fully consumed in work!

So I am motivated and hopeful it will continue!

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