Monday, 20 April 2009

Sunday Sunshine!

After sleeping all day Saturday we wanted to make the most of Sunday so we got up early- well I did- it was Nathan's turn to sleep in. I gutted our kitchen and did lots of mopping and cleaning.

Once Nathan was up we walked up to Sainsburys with our bags for life (we actually remembered them for once!) We had a wee breakfast there and read the papers and then did a massive shop!! Our cupboards had gotten to the point of being bare (not quite... but it felt like there was nothing to eat! Although I'm sure I could have still feed a small country!)

The weather was glorious (and it's not often that we get such good weather in Scotland) so we rushed home and packed everything away. I LOVE when the cupboards and fridge are full!- I know it's very sad!
Harrison Park which is 5 minutes from our house.
The Canal beside Harrison park.. there were children fishing, families in rowing and canal boats and families walking dogs... it was such a quaint scence!

We went on a big long walk through Merchiston and Morningside and nosed at all the beautiful large houses that we dream of owning one day! I was trying to keep my pace up as part of my training for the moonwalk marathon but I undid all my good work at the end when we went for a Lucas ice-cream! -it was so good though!

Then we went and layed in the Meadows for the rest of the afternoon under the blue sky with the sun blazing (well for Scotland anyway!) The Meadows were packed and there were families having picnics, students playing with footballs and also dogs a plenty. It was so lovely!

The Meadows
The Canal on the loop back round to our house... this is nearer to town and they have been building lots of posh flats right on the water... they look quite cool- especially in the sunshine!

That evening Nathan's parents dropped our blind off that Nathan's aunt had just finished- they are gorgeous!! Once the curtains are up I will post some pics... Nathan's Dad put the blind up for us and they make the window look great.

And finally we are trying to start a new routine so having bought all our food I made a delicious quick roast lamb with veg and we ate at the table (not on our laps as we've tended to do recently!) and then we went to bed early!! Hopefully it will continue all this week and longer but it might take a bit of effort!

All in all a fantastic relaxing weekend!!

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