Tuesday, 7 April 2009

In Sickness....

Well I tell you what Nathan and I really did reach a new milestone this past week- we have seen each other in the worst state possible!

We have been SO SO sick!!

Nathan first got ill early last week and I thought I'd managed to bypass it!

It was a little scarey as at 6'7'' I am used to seeing Nathan being robust and strong plus he is always messing around but there was none of that last week!

After trying to battle through it I got really ill on Friday and had to be sent home from work!

So a fun weekend was had by all!!

Nathan has lost a lot of weight and I am sure will enjoying eating lots once he is back to full health. I on the other hand might use it as a good kick starter to try and keep the weight off! (but with Easter coming up I don't know how possible that will be!!)

I have also heard of a lot of others who are now sick or have been ill- so it is obviously going around! I wish everyone a speedy recovery and drink lots of rehydration sachets!

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