Tuesday, 28 April 2009

No Photos!

You will be amazed to learn that I took no photos over the weekend!! I left my camera plugged into my work computer! oops!

We had such a busy jam packed weekend too!! I will look out for some other people's snaps on facebook but for now there is sadly no illustration of the madness and mayhem!! I def want to try and pinch some of Emily's from Saturday night!

So our weekend itinerary was as follows:

Friday night
I had work drinks which I escaped from early (I knew I had a big weekend ahead of me!) So Nathan and I drove out to IKEA for the final bits we needed for the flat. Annoyingly they didn't have everything we needed- ggrr! But we got a few good bits.

I also got to go to Hobby Craft!!! Hooray!!! I was so so excited about going!! It was AMAZING!! I could buy the whole place. For my American friends Hobby Craft is like Michael's- my idea of heaven!! All craft facilities under one roof!! I even bought some materials to make a fasinator for the wedding I am going to in a fortnight- not sure how it will turn out though!! I'll keep you posted.

And then to finish the evening off we went to my FAVOURITE take away fish and chip restaurant L'albo doro Their fish and chips are my absolute favourite!! Plus I'd been SO good with my gym work this past week I was allowed a treat!

We did more chores (why is house work never ending!!) and we even took round 3 loads of laundry to hang in Nathan's parents clothes line as it was such a nice sunny day (clothes take days to dry in our flat!) Nathan's parents were away for the weekend so we did the plant watering jobs too... (well Nathan did)

Then we went down to watch the end of the Semi Final between Heriots and Accies. Sadly the Accies boys lost.. boo hiss! But it was good to catch up with everyone. My Dad was also down so I got to see him briefly. I hadn't seen him since Easter (everyone has been so busy!)

We then dashed home to get changed and after a drive by to take the laundry down from the line (not the easiest thing to do when your all dressed up and your heels are going into the ground) we met up with the Accies couples crew for Hendy's birthday. !

I got some great snaps last year but no such luck this time round!! Although as Hendy calls me 'Japan', due to my excessive picture taking, I think a lot of the boys were quite glad!!

We had a great meal at Coconut Grove and it was full of the usual banter which was great fun!! There were 15/16 of us there in total and we were in full swing as it was BYOB but we also sampled their Margaritas too.

We had to leave straight after dinner as we were double booked and we headed down to Hamilton's Bar for Nathan's friend's Engagement Party. They have been living in New Zealand for a number of years now but were back for his sister's wedding. It was great to meet them and good to see all of Nathan's friend's from school and their partners.

We had a really late night on the Saturday so I wasn't feeling particualrly clever on the Sunday morning. In fact I think I spent most of the morning staring at my massive ironing pile on the couch- I just looked at it and felt guilty as I snoozed away in my hungover state!! Becky also popped round when finishing up her run (she's doing the 10k sponsored run next weekend)

Nathan went off to a golf meet with a new club he has joined. I think he wasn't feeling the brightest before he left but felt much better once he got there.

At four I headed to our friend's Benji and Catriona's for Sunday dinner. There were 5 couples there including the couple who celebrated their engagement the night before. Everyone was pretty tired but it was good to chat one to one rather than the noisy bar from the night before!

We were cooked a delicious meal- Pea and mint soup, Sunday roast- beef, yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings and then a delicious eton mess type dessert! And by the time Nathan arrived we were on the cheese. Catriona kindly left him a big plate to warm up! I love Benji and Catriona's house- Their dinning room in particular is amazing- cornflower blue and white with a huge table that comfortably sits 10... oh I can but dream!! I think we could squeeze 6 people round our little table- at a push!!

We ended up heading home about 11.30!! Such a late night for a school night- especially when we were so tired from the weekend. So I am needing some good sleeps this week to catch up!!

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