Friday, 17 April 2009

Cheeseboard Thursday!

Yesterday at work in an effort to get to know each other better (our company has recently relocated some teams from other floors/ buildings) we held a cheeseboard Thursday over lunchtime for our floor. It was a great success!

We each had to bring our favourite cheese with accompaniments (I couldn't pick so went for one of my favourites) I brought a goats cheese with a little side of apples and cranberry sauce. There were loads of tasty cheeses and although I tried to be good and have only a slither of each- a small amount of 18 cheeses are pretty filling! We had to mark each cheese out of 10 and there was some cheesy music CDs as the prizes!

Toni and Yvonne's Creamy Dream won. Their cheese was delicious! It was a soft cheese with a oat and cracked black pepper crust- yum!!

It was fun to hear everyone introduce their cheese and we had such a variety! From cheese strings and cheddar to blue cheese and very smelly french cheese! We were all very full all afternoon!!

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