Thursday, 16 April 2009

The first half of the Easter weekend!

Easter weekend was lovely- mind you a four day weekend is always nice!! I was so relaxed I hardly took many snaps of people but I did capture the easter treats!

We spent a lot of time as a family. Starting off with Thursday night at Gusto... lots of pizza and pasta. It was so nice to catch up with my Mum. She arrived back from London on Thursday so we all met up after work. Dad, Mum, Becky, Dougie, Nathan and I... so nice to be together as we've not seen each other a lot in the last few weeks with all the sickness etc.

On Friday morning I did some much needed DIY! I put up the picture that Becky and Dougie got Nathan for his birthday. Our family friend Susie printed it from her original artwork. It is gorgeous! I need a new mount for it so the antlers and mane aren't' cut off but I thought at least if I get it on the wall it's a start.Becky, Mum and I then met up with Susie and her Mum, Bron for lunch at Centrotre on Friday . It was so good to see them and reminisce about childhood memories. I also found it really interesting hearing about Susie's work as an artist- you can see her website here.

On Saturday we all headed off to the Melrose Sevens down in the Borders. Becky's friend Sarah had organized a bus which Hillary, Becky, Dougie Nathan, Corinne, Kells etc were all on. It turned out to be such a sunny day which always makes a huge difference! I even got a few new freckles on my face! (the first of the kisses from the sun this year!) Although forgetting my sunglasses was a bit of a mistake because I probably picked up a few more wrinkles too!
My Mum and Dad and Nathan's parents were also there so we had some tasty picnic food and got to catch up with them. I didn't really take any photos but I've pinched a few from others! Wrinky face in the sun at Melrose!
One of my highlights of Saturday was after the messy trip back to Edinburgh we went to the Watsonians clubhouse where Dougie plays and enjoyed a few childish games.... this photo is me in the final rounds of musical chairs.... easily amused!! ;-)Saturday was a long one! We continued back at our house into the wee small hours and Nathan etc managed to eat their way through a large portion of my Simnel Muffins I'd made for our parents. There are some photos but I think they should be censored for the benefit of everyone else!! A great Melrose Sevens as always.

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