Thursday, 5 March 2009

Scotland vs Italy!

There was no time for me to rest up and nurse my hangover on Saturday as my Dad had organized a day at the rugby for some of his clients, collegues and us motley crew!

Becky made some lovely salad and brought some super tasty cheeses. My Dad also organized a lot of the lunch and I made some Spicy Butternutsquash soup which Rhys kindly told me was "AMAZING!" he is 10 years old mind you!

Becky has some great photos which I will have to pinch- I was feeling none to clever so only took a few.
Last year at the Academy Rugby Club 150th dinner my Dad decided to bid for Mike Blair, Scotland Rugby Captain's Match Jersey. His thinking at the time was that the only two games they won that tournament were against England- and Mike would never give away his Calcutta Cup jersey- and against Italy, so he figured it would be a good investment.... well the next day when he told us his reasoning Dougie and Nathan had to correct my Dad that infact Scotland only won one game all tournamnet and that was against England so his Italy shirt was infact a losing shirt!! But as my Dad said he was supporting the Accies 150th and he gets a great rugby momento- win or lose!
Rosemary and my Dad unveil Mike's shirt.

The shirt has sat around for the last year so my Dad decided to do the big unveiling at this year's Scotland Italy Match. It must have been a good luck charm as we won the game 26-6.
Italian and Scottish National Anthems sung at the beginning of the game.

It was a great day and we had brilliant seats with a beautiful view of the castle and Arthur's Seat in the background- although as Nathan correctly said I should be watching the field!It was really enjoyable and a fun day out for all!


Heidi said...

I seriously LOVE your life - how adorable of your Dad!!

Vicki said...

Your Dad looks great!! We will have to work on getting Heidi and I out there!! Hugs to all of you