Friday, 13 March 2009

Making 6 Nations Cupcakes!

A few years ago I helped my friend Lauren and her husband make 200 candy apples for their wedding favours and this weeks activities have reminded me somewhat of that occassion! Earlier in the week I iced the rugby balls (milky way mini eggs) with black stitching.
Becky and Hillary came round last night and were my angels. I set up the production line and we made all the cupcakes and decorations. They didn't want any photos taken of them as last night was also the fake tan application evening in prep for the weekend.I did however catch Nathan in action as he cooked us a very tasty spag bog- yum! decoration preparation
Kitchen Prep- lots of eggs and buttermilk.... and a glass of bubbly to keep me going!
The table midway through the decoration production line- goal posts, thistles and daffodils!Becky's completed thistle and daffodil heads.Cupcakes ready to be iced and decorated! All 120 of them!


Heidi said...

Ohhhhh - can't wait!!

The Wilson Family said...

love the memory of the caramel apples, jennie, my love!! 204 to be exact! I miss you, buttons!!!