Tuesday, 24 March 2009


After a morning of jobs with Nathan and a tasty breakfast I ventured into town to do errands with Hillary including returning Nathan and I's costumes from last week.

We then drove down to Traquair in the Borders to cheer Hannah on as her and some friends completed the 5k MightyDeerstalker. A crazy race through the hills and water where you get to dress in your plus fours and country wear! It was Hannah's 30th last Monday and so she wanted to complete the race as part of her birthday celebrations!
It was a beautiful setting so Hills and I had a good nosey round- we were looking for the famous maze but we ended up getting in the way of the runners so we gave up and went to the finish line to cheer on the guys as they finished the crazy run. There were some great costumes which we clapped as they neared the finish line!

I hadn't realized that the Mighty Deerstalker is organized by the same guys that do the Rat Race who are my old colleagues at Red Bull. So I had a good natter to them and caught up on their amazing success. They may have even convinced me to do the race next year- only the 5k though- and only if I get to dress up!
Claire, Pete, Martin, Sarah and Hannah

It also turned out that one of the guys in Hannah's team was a family friend growing up who I hadn't seen in 12 years! Him and his girlfriend raced with Hannah and her friends Martin and Claire. Hillary and I made loads of noise as they came through the finish line and the guys were so exuberant as they ran over the line that the MC commented that they must be students! Not bad for 30 year olds!!We also met one of the girls who Hannah, Hils and I had been in Arran with last summer and it turned out I work with her sister (so many connections) There was a great atmosphere at the event. We would have liked to have stayed over and taken part in the evenings festivities! The 10k set off at 5.30 and some of it would be run in the dark! The starting line looked beautiful with the house in the background and then the first obstacle was big bails of hay (quite funny watching everyone jump them!) But hey there was a disco in the woods to look forward to when they returned!We however drove back to Edinburgh and took in the scenery and prepared ourselves for cocktails at Hannah's that night!

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