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Visiting the Armitage Family in Glasgow- 27th December 2010

Lena, John holding his daughter Velia and Hannah all admiring the Christmas cake with the 'babies' on the top as Velia called them.
It was so lovely to meet Velia, who I had seen lots of photos and video on flickr.. (Auntie Hannah is very good at sharing her loveliness!) she was even cuter in real life.
 Jamie and John playing games with Velia.
My Mum and Lena looking at John and Lydia's wedding album. The two Mum's used to spend a lot of time together when Hannah and I were younger as Hannah and I were the same age and my Sister and John were a similar age. Lena and my Mum were at art college together and my Dad and Jeremy were in the same architecture class at the same University.
 It was so lovely to spend time with the Armitages. I love this photo above. (It makes me sad that my Dad isn't there too..) but then I can't help but smile as Velia is in the background waving to herself in the window!
 Jeremy then got out their old photo albums to show Nathan and Dougie all of us when we were Velia's age (and younger) we used to go on family holidays together and have such fond memories of those holidays.
I need to find an old school photo to match with these. My camera colour is a bit funny but it was so lovely to have us all together again. We definitely have to try and get together more often.
Top row: Hannah, Becky, Dougie, Nathan. Bottom row: John, John's wife, Lydia holding their daughter, Velia, Jamie and I.
Hannah and I. Hannah is one of my bridesmaids for our wedding. I have known her longer than anyone in my life (excluding my immediate family) there are some great photos of us over the years.
Becky and Dougie had tickets to the Glasgow vs Edinburgh rugby game that evening so we left the parentals to it and we headed off to the game. It was pretty chilly but a fun atmosphere.
 Nathan, Becky and Hannah.
 Dougie and Nathan.
A few shots from the game. Glasgow won 30-18 but it was still a fun evening. We headed back to the Armitages after the game and then headed home on the icy roads back to Edinburgh.

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