Monday, 19 September 2011

Christmas at Becky and Dougie's house

Our final destination on Christmas Day was Becky and Dougie's house. They were hosting Christmas as they had done the year before. As always Becky's tree looked beautiful and magical with all the generous presents underneath. I love all the different wrapping paper. (This makes me excited for this Christmas already!)
 My Mum and Becky cooked this gorgeous turkey for our meal. It looks so golden.
 My Mum raising a glass as she finishes prepping in Becky's kitchen.
Becky and Dougie's Australian friends Andrew and Dan joined us for Christmas dinner which was fun. Minus Becky here was our group for Christmas. Loving the santa hats!
 The table was very pretty with Becky's linen in white and silver.
 Dougie and Becky
 Andrew and Dan
 Nathan and I
 Christmas Dinner.... (you can't see my turkey as it's smothered in bread sauce!)
 Dougie, Nathan and Becky.
 My Mum with her lovely pile of pressies.
 Me and my stocking, which my Mum made me for my very first Christmas in 1979.
 Nathan looking very dapper in his waistcoat.
Becky and her rabbit slippers that I bought for her.

 My favourite wrapping was the black with coloured Christmas lights.  
I made Christmas pudding again this year which I always love lighting. (using brandy) This part of Christmas will always remind me of my Dad. 

He was in our thoughts for the whole of Christmas. It seemed very surreal that the year before he had been sitting on Becky's couch reading the JR Tolkien book he bought for Becky and I. Christmas will never really be the same but it was lovely to spend time with those we love and be reminded of all that is still good.

I had expressed an interest in knitting in the run up to Christmas so my Mum bought me this starter set. I was enthralled.

The beginnings of my scarf.... which has made about as much progress as my blog in this last year!!

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