Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Walker Stuart Household on Christmas Day

It was realy enjoyable to go visiting on Christmas Morning. Ed gave Nathan a great t-shirt which said 'Pikey Just Nicked It.' as a take on the Nike slogan. It has become a firm favourite!
As part of a bit of Christmas fun Nathan's Dad bought a talking monkey which mimicked everything you said- which a lot of the guys in his office were getting for their kids. Ed and Nathan were having great fun with it.
 Wendy's sister, Lisa with Wendy and baby Katie in front of their Christmas tree.
 Lisa reading Katie a story.
 Wendy opening presents with her Dad, Phil holding Katie.

The Stuart Clan with Nathan. (l-r) Jamie and his wife Tere, Tom and Nathan. Charlie was in Argentina with the boy's parents.
 John and Lisa.
Ed with baby Katie, who was trying to drink from his bottle of beer.

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