Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Christmas Morning in Cathcart Place

Each year on Christmas Morning Nathan is usually hungover from his boys night out but this year was different.... which was very nice. We got up and made a cup of tea and our traditional cheese and ham croissants with orange juice. Then we opened our presents.
 Nathan with his pile of pressies.
A couple of years ago we started a tradition where by we only by each other 5 presents. The first year there was also a budget limit but this year we just stuck with the 5 present categories. They are:

-Something to eat
-Something to wear
-Something to listen/read or watch
-A Christmas decoration
-A surprise.
 My lovely pressies.
 Me opening my surprise present.
This gave Nathan and I lots of amusement on Christmas morning. Because I always complain about how cold our flat is in the winter Nathan bought me a snow suit. It has pads on the feet so you can walk around in it. You can also zip your arms out or in depending how cold you are! Much fun and also cosiness!

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