Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hector and Katie Cook's Wedding Celebration

Back in December we were honoured to attend the celebration of Hector and Katie's wedding. Hector went to school with Nathan. They are both from Edinburgh but over the last few years have worked abroad. They are just such beautiful people- attractive with great personalities to match.

They were married earlier in 2010 on the beach in Malaysia where they are living and working. (They both work as teachers in Kuala Lumpa.) It was just the two of them on the day they were married and their photos look amazing... (I pinched a few from facebook!)
I love this shot and I love that even though it was warm and on the beach- Hector still wore his kilt (a true Scotsman!

I know Katie reads my blog back in KL... there is a large red dot in Malyasia on the counter at the bottom of my page... so I promised I would put up all the photos. (Sorry it's taken me so long!)
They hosted the wedding celebration at their old school hall. I was so very impressed. I had been in the hall once before to watch a play but set up for a party it looked brilliant- especially with the Christmas tree and all the lanterns Katie had brought back from Malysia to decorate. It is a great space perfectly set up for an evening of celebration. In traditional style speeches were given by Father of the Bride, the Groom and the Best Man.... My favourite was Hector's gift to his Mother... no flowers as is traditional, as his Mum views them as a waste of money... so instead he bought her bones from the local butcher to make stock.... and she was thrilled!! He clearly knows her so well. (She's quite a character!)
Katie and Hector's first dance.

Before the speeches and dancing we had a very tasty curry ... the theme was a ceilih & curry celebration evening. Again another room in the school was used... it looked fantastic (my camera flash doesn't do it justice) I didn't realise the school rented the rooms out.
The bar was self service and I had to laugh when Nathan and Stu were behind the bar in their matching shirts- looking like they belonged there!
Duncan was up from London but Rebecca his wife didn't travel up as she had given birth to their son Rory a few weeks before. Pictured above: Duncan, Benji and Catriona.
Benji (who had already been out to celebrate his brother's engagement) with Catriona.
Colin and Jarrien
Rosie and Donnie
Ian and Sinead
Rozz and Geoff
Boccers and Sally
Annie and Finnie (who get married a month before Nathan and I) ... the countdown his started!
Shelley and Stotty, who announced they are pregnant for the second time... so exciting!
Nathan and I in front of the dance floor where there was some crazy dancing going on.
My favourite part of the dancing was when Hector's Dad took us through the elimination game in couples- brilliant! We used to play it at balls and dances when we were younger! Nathan and I got knocked out on the second last round. We had to put one hand on the other persons earlobe and if we both had our hands on the right earlobe we were out. (Or something to that effect!)
In the last round was Colin and Jarrien and another couple. They had to make the longest line with their clothes. Jenny, Hector's Mum was appreciating the view of Colin in his boxer!
Every year on Christmas Eve Nathan's friend's from school have traditionally had a get together. This year as there were weddings and events happening they saved their activity of 'Cards of Christmas' for Hector and Katie's wedding. These are 12 Christmas cards that have a dare/ task inside that the recipient must preform. In the above photo one of the boys had a card where he had to chin a drink with all the boys.
The majority of the boys- back row: Duncan, Boccers, Benji, Dave, Hector, Stu and Nathan. Front row: Geoff, Finnie and Ian. Missing are Colin and Donnie.
Colin and Dave
Sally and I
Katie changed into a beautiful black dress for the later part of the evening. I loved dancing so much at this wedding. It was great fun.
The dance floor was packed for most of the night.
Ian, Boccers, Duncan, Stu and Nathan.
Duncan, Finnie, Stu, Nathan, Jarrien and Colin.

It was so lovely to see everyone and catch up on their news. I loved how much fun and relaxed this event was. I adored the Chinese lanterns and Katie gave us all the tassels from the bottom of the lanterns to take as favours. Nathan had a novel way of using them but we now have them hanging on our door handles to bring us luck!

Congratulation to Hector and Katie! x

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