Sunday, 9 January 2011

Christmas Decorations

The last two years we have had white, silver and glass decorations on our tree. This year we went back to the decorations we used the first year we were in the flat together. Red, white, wooden and natural. I put up the same decorations around the living room with a few new additions.
I love the little fox decoration that my sister bought me last year. We also, as ever had real candles on the tree, which we lit on Christmas Eve.
The last three years we have had trees that are over 7 foot. They have taken over the living room as have been so wide. So although they have looked gorgeous Nathan asked that this year we bought a smaller tree. So we went for a 5 foot one... and it worked really well with the more natural decorations.
All the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve.
View from the couch in the living room. I loved the net of twinkly lights.
We moved the little coffee table into the window. Tucked underneath in the basket is my Santa Suit from the Santa Run... just encase anyone felt the need to dress up over the holidays!
I am loving bon bon jars at the moment. My sister bought me the one in the front for my birthday. It looked lovely filled with baubles.
Decorations on the shelves.
I loved the candle decoration I made for the coffee table. I bought a birch wreath and put artificial berries, christmas tree sprigs and pine cones into the wreath. I then placed a round vase with a candle in the middle. It worked well with the colour scheme.

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