Monday, 20 December 2010

Countdown Begins

I bought this cute board for my sister from a wee shop at the weekend. I thought it was very fitting as she gets very excited about how many 'sleeps' are left till Christmas. 

I took a day off last week to take my Grandma Christmas shopping with her niece, Anne. It was a lovely day out but we didn't get much done in the way of shopping. We had a tasty lunch and enjoyed window shopping. We had really good conversations and enjoyed each others company. So now I need to do lots of catch up shopping for my Grandma. 

Nathan and I are pretty much there with our own shopping. I need to get a few things in the next few days... and worryingly there are a few presents that  seem to be stuck in the mail which we ordered online. Due to the weather I am not sure if they will get here before Christmas. 

But putting it in perspective I am thankful that my Mum came up early - she flew up on Wednesday. If she had left it till this past weekend she never would have got here as most of the London airports are closed due to snow and ice. 

And at the end of the day... it's not the presents that matter- it's the people.

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