Thursday, 2 December 2010

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

This was the view outside our bedroom window on Sunday morning. The snow now is much much more... it just isn't stopping.
 The beautiful view from Princes Street of the castle. I love Edinburgh. It look wonderful in the snow.
Looking up the mound. At nightime this is really picteresque with all the twinkly fairy lights and the Christmas tree at the top of the mound.
 The Castle with more of Princes Street Gardens in the front of the picture.
I used my Dad's car on the Monday in all the snow and I was so proud of getting it to the office. However on the way home it broke down and I had to get rescued by Green Flag. Nathan also came to my rescue with a Fish Supper to warm me up! Thankfully Green Flag got the car going again and there was no costly parts to fix.
Nathan has been helping me most mornings with the car. Passers by have also been really helpful and there has been a good sense of community. Our street is not cleared by the council. It is only the main streets which have been snowploughed and gritted, which makes getting out of our street really difficult. I used the car on Tuesday and then have left it yesterday and today as it is getting crazy out there. I have just been getting the bus which has been fine as the main roads are clear.

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