Thursday, 2 December 2010

Book Launch

Our friend Pete Burns launched the book that he has written with David Barnes earlier this month. Nathan had Clan Fitness so wasn't able to attend the launch but I went with Becky and Dougie. Pete and David were good enough to sign a copy of their book so I could give it to Nathan. There was a good group of Pete's friend's there along with his wife, Annabelle and their families.

Nathan has really been enjoying the book which tells the stories behind Scottish Rugby since the War. It is all from the players themselves and is full of great tales which give you a brilliant insight into the goings on behind the scenes of great rugby moments. Nathan has read a few of the stories out loud and they are brilliant. They had me laughing out loud as the players the guys interviewed (especially the older boys) are such characters. 

You can read more on the book and buy it here.

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