Thursday, 2 December 2010

Girls night out- too much Vodka, Champagne and Redbull

Becky's friend's Ali and Tori were up from London for the weekend so Becky planned a girls night with Hills, myself, Tori and Ali. The drink of choice was Vodka, Fizz and Red Bull (mmm... in hindsight not the most sensible idea we've ever had!) It was a great night and I loved getting to spend time with the girls.... I felt like I hadn't had girl time in a while and with work stresses I needed some down time.
Hillary and I getting ready.... there is photos of us both in our rollers earlier on but with no makeup on we really do look like a before shot!
I love this part of girls night, when everyone is getting ready and doing their make up and hair.
Becky getting the party started.
 Ali, Hillary and Becky tucking into our drinks.
 Hillary, Ali, Tori, Becky and I.
 Some one commented on facebook that we look like a girl back... all styled in variations of black!
We then headed into George Street- which is when my night went down hill!- a bit too much overexcitment meant I needed to head home... but not before I ensured the girls know how much I loved them!! ;-)

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