Monday, 20 December 2010

Surgery all round!

The car isn't well!
2 weeks ago when we had horrendous snow I had a horrid skid and then when I drove into my office car park I went over a large lump of snow and ice. It knocked my steering out so last week I managed to get the car into the garage so they could have a look. Derek, the mechanic is a lovely man who my Dad has used for many years. He was so busy and backed up due to the weather but he made time for me. Sadly it wasn't good news. I had damaged the steering rack on the inside of the passenger wheel and it is going to be a costly job to fix. To buy new it is crazy money so Derek is looking to find a second hand part. Fingers crossed we find one. Even if we do the problem is the weather has now gotten worse again so TNT and other delivery companies are not promising deliveries to Scotland due to the weather... so it looks like it will be January before we can get the part! 

Lesson learned.... next time it snows that bad I am leaving the car at home... it's just not worth it!

Dental Surgery
On Tuesday the 14th I had dental surgery, which wasn't particularly pleasant. I had an abscess 14 years ago and it caused one of my teeth to die. 5 years ago I got the tooth bleached but now it is getting dark again I want to get it veneered... saving me from bleaching it again and again. However when I am run down my gum and the area above the tooth (where the abscess was) gets a bit sore... so we decided to open it up and check the tooth and gum were okay. Thank goodness we did as there was a little bit of infection in it. I have lots of horrid stitches in my gum now and it is pretty sore but I should be on the mend in a couple of weeks.... and in 3 months, as long as it all settles down, I should be able to get the tooth veneered. Not the nest just before Christmas but at was a necessary action. (hey it might even curb the overeating at Christmas- unlikely though!)

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