Thursday, 2 December 2010

Miserable November

This past month has been tough.

Work has been crazy. I have been working 12 hour days and anything that could go wrong seems to have headed that way, despite my best efforts.

I have to say being 31 has been no picnic thus far!

I am also missing my camera loads.... but my lovely Mum gave me money to buy a new one so I am on the hunt at the moment and can't wait to make my purchase in advance of Christmas.

There have still been some good (non work related) highlights- Lunch with the girls in Tempus, Catch up afternoon with Hannah, Xfactor night with Wendy and Katie, fun girls night with Hills, Becky, Ali and Tori. A haircut and colour... and booking my wedding hair appointment at my hairdresser, Cheynes (with only 6 months to go it is getting very exciting!), Hog the Stage- a work event we attended with Arnie and Loreen. It was a Battle of the Bands for the chance for the winning band to play at the New Years party in Edinburgh. My favourites- Kitty the Lion won, which I was pleased about. Thanksgiving dinner with Wendy, Ed, Katie, Becky, Dougie and Nathan. Mother of the Groom dress shopping with Nathan's Mum in Auchterarder at the well known, Bear Necessities Fashion shop followed by lunch with Nathan's parent's and Nathan at Corrieri's Cafe in Stirling near to where Nathan's Mum grew up. Accies Curry night and then last night I had a lovely evening with a few of the Accies girls in the local pub in Cannonmills, The Orchard. Warm Soup, lovely wine and good chats... which were much needed after a difficult few weeks.

The biggest news however is the SNOW.... the piles and piles of snow that we have received since Friday night.. it isn't stopping. 

It feels a bit like groundhog day... but on the plus side it is only 21 days till my Christmas holidays start and I will be off for 2 whole weeks!! I will be found sleeping, reading, relaxing, eating, exercising, spending time with family and NOT working!

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