Thursday, 9 December 2010

It's Freeeeeezing!

Can you believe this photo above? It was taken by a satellite of the UK this week. We have been completely snow bound. There is no going anywhere without there being a lot of snow. I had thought that it was thawing this past weekend but then on Monday morning the whole of Scotland was gridlocked as there were fresh blizzards of snow. The main motorways were ground to a halt and some people had to spend 12hrs + in their cars.

Thankfully we were lucky and we were safe and sound. I had driven to work at rush hour on the Monday but I had been skidding all over the place so I left the car safe at work Monday night and got the bus home. Some of the buses had been cancelled earlier in the day but my bus was okay... till we got to my stop and they couldn't let us off as health and safety wouldn't allow it due to the mounds of snow! So I had to walk 1/2 mile back from the next stop in the snow.
So with us now in our second week of crazy freezing weather we have a bit of cabin fever. I say we... more me.... Nathan has still been attending rugby training and also taking Clan Fitness... in several feet of snow 4 people still came down to the outdoor class... what lunacy! I however have snuggled up in doors and have been baking away. I made homemade marshmallows for the first time. I had a stock of brambles from Nathan's Mum and Dad in the freezer so this added a nice twist. I was pretty proud of my first attempt. I love that they aren't perfect... it gives them character. I might try and make more but do plain ones this time so we can add them to Hot Chocolate. See the Bramble Marshmallow recipe here.
On Saturday I had a lovely day with Becky and Hills (no photos as my camera is still out of action- although I ordered a new one! hooray!) We had a great time... first we went to get my wedding dress measurements taken (more about that later!- so exciting!) and then we went for Starbucks (yum!) and did some Christmas Shopping. I have missed Hills and Bex loads recently. Work commitments and hectic schedules have meant we haven't seen a lot of each other. We went for lunch to the Scottish Cafe at the National Gallery at the mound. I really enjoyed the food although it is a little pricey for a quick bite- great location though. Afterwards we all went for mulled wine to the German Market. Hills, her other half Connor, their two friends, Becky and I. Nathan also came up later and had a wee glass before we all parted ways. Nathan and I then had a lovely date night.

We walked around the market some more and took this cute picture above. We had one of our first dates on the ice rink behind my left shoulder. (I haven't been able to get him on the ice since!) After the market we went for an early dinner at Tex Mex where I had a lovely frozen Margarita and Taco Salad.

We walked home from the restaurant trying not to skid everywhere. It was so nice to spend a Saturday night the two of us and we were home in time for X factor and then a Michael Buble special... what a great night of entertainment TV (and it made up for all the cricket Nathan has been watching over the last week!)
As the weather got worse our pipes froze! It was -11*C on Tuesday night (which is 12.2 *F) Living in an old building is not good in winter! The pipes freezing happened last week as well and is a total nightmare. Nothing was draining away- not down the sinks or the shower- in fact all water was coming up the shower tray! (yuck!)

So Nathan's Mum thankfully came to the rescue and let us shower at their home on Wednesday morning. (I had a client drinks reception that night so didn't fancy going unclean!) We had lots of kind offers from friends and family to stay with them too (thank you!)... for now the pipes are okay as it has thawed a little today but the plumber comes on Saturday.... that is the first slot they could give us!!  We think there is a blockage which is stopping the flow of water and causing the water to be prone to freezing so hopefully the plumber can advise us.
I took these lovely photos on my blackberry camera of the view from Nathan's Mum and Dad's house when we went on Wednesday morning. You can see the Pentland Hills in the background all covered in snow.
Don't these trees look stunning in the early morning sunlight with all the snow and frost on their branches. It does look so pretty I just wish the weather didn't make travelling and life in general so difficult!

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