Thursday, 2 December 2010

Stir Up Sunday

I borrowed the photos above from the blogs Apple and Spice,  Pea Soup. and from the Billington's website as my camera is still not working.  

What is Stir Up Sunday?
The Sunday before Advent, which this year fell on 28th November 2010, is known as Stir Up Sunday. This day is traditionally the time to make your Christmas Pudding, Christmas Cake or your Mincemeat for Mince Pies.
Making your pud or cake early means it really does benefit from all this maturing. The flavour of the spices mellow and deepen, the fruits plump up and soften.
Family Sharing
Once you’ve got all your ingredients together, and as you are creating your masterpiece, get each member of your family to take turns in stirring the mixture. As they do, they can each make a wish. Don’t forget to add your old six pence or a silver charm (wrapped in a piece of greaseproof paper)

Nathan and I have done this tradition for the last few years. Although last year we were a little delayed as we were in New York this time last year. So we made sure we didn't miss it this year and we made both our puddings and have now tucked them away ready to take to my sister's on Christmas Day.

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