Friday, 11 June 2010

St Margaret's School for Girls

Sad news today that my former school has gone into administration. Read the article here in the Scotsman.

ESTABLISHED in 1890 by James Buchanan, the school was initially named the Queen Margaret College for Young Ladies.The running of the school was taken over by Mr Buchanan's wife Mrs Annie Custance Buchanan following his death, aged only 48, in 1897. Under her direction, the school broke new ground, becoming the first independent school in Edinburgh to offer "Leaving Certificate".

The Second World War meant that most of St. Margaret's, like many other schools, had to to be evacuated and all the boarders and many of the day girls decamped to Perthshire. In 1960, the school was transferred from private ownership to a Company Limited by Guarantee, to be administered by a Board of Governors, rendering it truly independent. In 1983, St. Margaret's merged with St. Hilary's, an offshoot of the original institution formed in 1926, reuniting two schools.

Having celebrated its centenary in 1990, the school continued to develop, adding new buildings to its campus. I was 10 years old and in Primary 6 when we celebrated our centenary year. I have fond memories of preforming in the school centenary play acting the role of a school girl being evacuated during the war with my friend Vanessa playing my sister and classmate Louise playing our mother.... great memories. 

I finished school in 1997 having been House Captain for Lauder, Chairperson of the Student Council, Social Convener and also Deputy Head Girl in my sixth and final year. I loved school and enjoyed being an integral part of St Margaret's. From Mrs Deane's dance club to Mrs Shaw's art class... I will always remember my time at St Margaret's fondly. I truly believe the environment St Margaret's offered gave me the confidence I have today. 

I feel so sorry for the girls who are current pupils and now need to find a new school and for the staff who are now without jobs. I wish them all the luck in the world.

I always adored the older buildings that the school was housed in. Particularly the music and art building.
I don't miss the bottle green uniform- at least these days the girls didn't have to wear green tights too!
I have so many great memories of sitting with friends on the school campus.

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Anonymous said...

I miss the uniform ,I loved wearing the
St Margaret's blazer !