Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tord Boontje

Working on the cusp of design and craft, TORD BOONTJE, the Dutch-born, London-based product designer combines advanced technologies with artisanal techniques to create exquisite glassware, lighting and furniture. I love all his work which is laser cut and I adore this curtain.... who needs lace curtains when you can indulge and have a Tord Boontje piece of exquisite artwork.I think what I love most is that all his pieces are functional.
I adore Dutch design and have coveted for quite sometime the until dawn curtain. See a great Dutch product website here.
I would love to have a pair of French doors out to a garden which would be kept open in the summer heat.
I really love the natural way that the curtain falls and all the flowers and leaves are intertwined.
I wouldn't mind Tord Boontje's Ivy Wall hanging either! See here.
My Mum has this light garland in gold but it hangs down from a shelving unit rather than round a light bulb... I think this would make a beautiful garland to place down the centre of a table. You can buy them from Habitat for £20. They come in Cooper, Bronze and Silver.

You can also buy some of his lovely products including this cute charm bracelet at the Moma Shop in NYC click here to see the online shop. I bought my Mum the tea lights when we were across there in November.

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