Monday, 7 June 2010

Weekend 29th, 30th and 31st May

Well my long 5 day weekend didn't really work out as I had to come back into work on Friday and didn't leave till after 11pm!! Don't you just love a 14 hour day! But on Saturday I relaxed and enjoyed what was left of my weekend and at least I still managed to take the Monday holiday off. 
My sister was dog sitting for our friends Stu and Vic so she brought their adorable puppy Samson down to my Dad's on Saturday. He kept on pinching my Dad's slippers and running off down the garden with them.... too cute!
On Sunday I was up early and went to the flower wholesaler with Nathan's Mum and Aunt Alanna. Alanna is trained as a florist and will be doing our flowers for the wedding. The plan was to go to the wholesalers a year before the wedding to see what was in season and what was available at this time of year. I loved looking around and would have taken pictures but we got told off.... they said brides should not be there as it is for suppliers only. It was great to see though and boy do florists mark up their costs! ..probably why they don't want brides to see! But then you also pay for their talent and creative skills. 

Alanna is lovely and it was so fun to meet her and her husband Will. She really understood Nathan and I's vision and made some great suggestions. I can't wait to see her finished work! So exciting!
On Sunday afternoon I went to Loopy Lorna's with my friend Julie from school. I love it here... the cakes are amazing as is the rest of the food. I had a tasty minestrone soup and sandwich and a cupcake- yum!
I love their tea cosies too... they are always changing.
On Monday Hillary and I went to the Botanics to do some drawings of the Caledonian Hall and where Nathan and I will get married. We had two friendly ducks come and say hello. It was so sunny and lovely to lay in the grass and take time to draw.... and I got some great ideas for our invites.

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