Monday, 7 December 2009

Quick Excited Summary!!

Well as most of you knew already I couldn't post about my last 2 weeks plans as we were trying to surprise my friend Lauren for her 30th birthday in Florida! Thank you for everyone keeping comments off my blog and facebook. She was super suprised but more about that later!

I was also surprised on the morning of our flight at 5.30am when Nathan proposed!!! I am still beaming from ear to ear!

We have had an amazing 2 weeks holiday with fantastic friends and have been on cloud 9 the whole time!!

It was sad when we came back on Saturday but we both had fun evenings that were planned with our friends. So good to see everyone and share our joy!

I will try and update everything on my blog as much as possible but please bear with me. Being away from work for 2 weeks also means I have loads to catch up on... and then there is Christmas... I forgot about Christmas coming up!!

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