Monday, 14 December 2009

The Stansbury Girls- New Moon Dinner Party.

Walking into the Stansburys household is like coming home for me. This family were kind enough to open their home to me when I was taking part in a study year abroad in an American high school. When the lady I was staying with turned out to be slightly unhinged they took me in and made me feel part of their family. They have this wonderful gift to make everyone feel welcome and included. I am eternally grateful for all they did for me and I cherish our continuing relationship. 

Heidi is the Stansbury's middle daughter and it was her and I's friendship that meant I stayed in her family home for the rest of my study abroad year. She even gave up a bedroom to herself to allow me to move in with them (and for those of you that know how untidy I can be that is a big ask!!)

I follow Heidi's blog on a daily basis (it is my escapism at lunch time!) and she continually inspires me with her creativity and home ideas. She loves to plan a party and walking into her Parent's house for the Twilight party they had planned was like stepping into a live blog post! I couldn't help but smile ear to ear!!

 A gorgeous silver and red sweetie/ candy bar.
 Some eye candy!! ;-) As well as beautiful roses which is a big Twilight theme.
 They had gone to a huge effort to make the house look in keeping with the theme! I LOVED it!
 Every corner was decorated with lanterns, red, roses, candies etc.
We had a very delicious bean soup followed by a tasty salad- I loved the dressing and of course the garlic bread!!

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