Friday, 11 December 2009

Surprise, Surprise!!

Before I start this post I want to say sorry Lauren- I know you weren't overly keen about your photos being put on facebook or the likes but as this was the main reason for our trip to the States I couldn't not blog about your priceless facial expressions as we gave you the surprise of your life. I think you look radiant and beautiful as always! These photos just make my heart smile! I am so happy that we did this!

To give everyone a bit of background these girls are part of the fab five, who meant so much to me in my senior year at American High School. I love them with all my heart and share a strong bond that has continued to strengthen over the last 12 years.

We last got together in New York 3 years ago and I miss them all so much. (I have a great photo of the 5 of us in New York that I will post)

Back in April/ May of this year my friend Lauren's wonderful husband Mick sent us girls an e-mail asking if we would consider suprising Lauren for her birthday. There was never any doubt we would make it happen. Nathan and I's festival rental money went towards our flights and I have been putting money aside to make sure that this trip was the best ever!

4 of us- Lauren, San, Heidi and I all turn 30 within the two months of each other so this was a wonderful way for us all to mark this milestone! San travelled down with her boyfriend Nelson from New York. Heidi came down with her children from North Carolina (sadly her husband, Matt couldn't be there till later in the week) and Lauren and Mick were visiting her parents from Colorado.

It has been so hard keeping quiet and not saying anything on my blog or on facebook but when I see these pictures all of that is worthwhile. She had no idea!!

San bought a giant bunch of balloons for us to hide behind as we walked through Lauren's parents garage and up through their hallway. Lauren couldn't see us all behind the balloons but when she did her face was priceless.....

 We were all so happy to be together and Lauren was in shock for quite a while!

 Lauren's beautiful daughter Sadie loved all the balloons and we had a wee crown for Lauren too!
Mick- who is hiding behind the balloons made all this happen and I am so grateful to him for getting the plans in motion! I will forever take this memory with me as one of the best feelings in the world- sitting on the floor of Lauren's parent's livingroom with 3 of my very best friends sharing in each others joy- meeting Lauren's daughter Sadie, telling them of my engagement and just being together!! The BEST feeling ever!!

 San, Heidi and I
 Nathan and I
 San and Nelson
 Lauren reading my card- I managed to find a Happy Birthday card from Cath Kidston with a tartan background and a tennis player on it! Lauren and I were tennis doubles partners in our Senior year and have some brilliant memories from that time!

 Lauren and her husband Mick
   Lauren telling us her age!
Mick cutting the tasty, tasty cake that he organized.

I gave each of the girls a cook book that I had created. I drew the illustrations and my Dad helped me bind it together. Heidi and I with the recipe book. 

I love this cute photos of San and Nelson having a wee dance!

 San, Heidi, Me and Lauren.

This photo alone is worth the work it took to get us to the States. I love these ladies with all my heart and can't wait for them to come over to Scotland for Nathan and I's wedding! 

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Kristin Lea Robinson said...

Seeing this makes me so sad and elated all at the same time. I am so glad it happened and hope I get to be there at the wedding where we'll all be together! Love you and so glad I got to see you in NY! I'm feeling good these days. I have loved December! It's been fabulous! xoxoxoxoxo Give nathan a big hug for me and I can't wait to see Becky!