Monday, 14 December 2009

Twighlight Party

The Stansbury ladies- Heidi, Hillary, Holly and Vicki
Hillary, Heidi, Kyrsten, Holly and Paige (one of Heidi's daughters) 
 Trish and Vicki. Trish has been a long time friend of Vicki's and I have known her since I lived with the Stansburys. It was wonderful to see pictures of her Granddaughter who is the child of her son Andrew- who Heidi and I went to school with. The sweetest guy. It was great seeing Trish- she is as fun as ever!
 Tanya, Heidi and I. Tanya and Heidi were best friends at school and Tanya and I had a class together our senior year. She was on great form and was filling us on the news of other people in our year.
 Holly, Me, Tanya, Heidi and Hillary.

After the dinner party we went to the movies to see Twilight. We went to the old Regency mall that I used to go to ALL the time when I lived there. It was a blast from the past and only $5! Bargain!

It was some girls 2nd viewing and I am sure they will go again! We had to laugh though as we all took our candy bags that Heidi had given us at the party to the cinema to induldge whilst we watched the movie but we hadn't thought about the fact that all the glitter from the bags would go all over us! When we came out the cinema we looked like we were covered in glitter!- We honestly weren't trying to be vampires!

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