Monday, 14 December 2009

Shop till you drop!

Nathan and I never go shopping together. Usually because in the last 2 years we have been paying of things and anything we do buy tends to be a necessity!

Well after saving up our pennies and being given lots of Birthday money (in my case) and Christmas money we went to Jacksonville's St John's Town Centre.... wow! I was amazed! Jax got trendier since I have been away! They even have an Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Kate Spade, Urban Outfitters, J Crew, Barnes and Noble, Bannana Republic- all the stores I had on my list!!I also loved Dicks Sporting Goods and we both could have spent forever in there but we were running out of time!

We shopped for 6 hours! I was amazed that we lasted that long.

We really enjoyed ourselves and were really pleased with our purchses... I only bought things from my pre planned list (so I wouldn't go crazy!)

My purchases included:

- a long winter duck down jacket from J Crew (I have wanted one for AGES and it was 30% off!)
- a black North Face fleece for under my cycling jacket, Nike ear warmer headband, nike cycling gloves
- a Gap black t-shirt with bow
- a Gap grey cardigan/wrap
- Cardboard deer from Urban Outfitters
- hairbands from Urban Outfitters
- Pottery Barn Christmas napkin rings and Christmas table decorations.

 I loved these letters in Urban Outfitters but I think I was getting a little too overexcited!
I LOVE pottery barn and Crate and Barrell. As they don't do UK shipping I can't kit my house out in their decor from top to bottom (not that I could afford it anyhow!) but I LOVED looking round Pottery Barn. 
 The Pottery Barn store was all done up for Christmas.
 I loved all the candles and glassware- if only it would travel well in economy class back to Scotland!
 This was my favourite store in St John's town centre- Swoozies- they sell all things to do with parties- stationary, tablewear etc... i love love loved it!
 They had a whole section on wedding stationary which was a delight to look round!
 Nathan liked these- She said Yes cocktail napkins!
I loved this shop. Check it out here... sadly they don't ship to the UK! 

 I loved the Anthropologie store- it was so well designed and layed out with such thought.... there was an inspiration in every corner!! See their UK website here.
I had such a fun day with Nathan and was so pleased that we both managed to get loads of items that we really wanted. Although as Nathan liked to remind me everything he bought was in the sale/ reduced (but I guess that is the advantage of being a giant- not everyone is buying your size!) 
Nathan walking back to the car with some of our shopping! We def did it the right way round by shopping in Florida as with the car it meant we didn't have to carry everything around all day and all the shops we wanted to go to were chain stores which would have charged us more state tax in New York!

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