Thursday, 4 November 2010

Accies Girls Night October

Zara hosted this month and it was so lovely to see the girls. Zara made tasty lemon squares which I loved and Vicki made chocolate rocky road (which everyone knows is one of my weaknesses!) So it was safe to say that ladies night was part of my 20% naughty food for the week... it may have in fact made up all of the 20%!
Baby Aaron and Emily, Loreen and Wendy with baby Katie. I love that the babies are a new addition to ladies night. They are all growing up so fast and we were all commenting on Aaron's strong legs and his ability to stand and Katie's head control is getting so much better... she is so interested in everything that is going on around her.
Leona, Me, Vicki and Zara. I can't get the photo to zoom in any without being really pixelated. Cute snap though. I love cosying up on the couches and catching up with these ladies... good times!

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