Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bye Bye lovely villa!

This is the view from the side of Benji's parent's villa. It has such lovely gardens and I don't think it is until you are about to leave somewhere that you actually walk round all of your surrounding area and realise how much more there is to see. The villa was lovely and we were so grateful to have been able to stay in Benji's parents home away from home.

Nathan and I's bags all packed ready for the airport. We did two runs so that we could fit us and the luggage in. With Chick's Wind Surfing gear and Benji and Nathan being so tall we didn't fancy our chances trying to all get in together!

We met back up at the airport and after a delayed flight and a journey back from Newcastle to Edinburgh we got back home at about 2am with work in a few hours.... reality again!!

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