Thursday, 11 November 2010

Accies Halloween Party

On the night of Friday 29th October Nathan and I went down to the clubhouse to set up for the Halloween party. Loreen and Vicki came down too and as a team we set about making the clubhouse a venue fit for a spooktacular event on the Saturday night.

I bought the decorations online from a company called Party Packs. They were really good and I got all the decorations (excluding the table decorations and pinata which I also bought) for £25. It came as a pre packed box and I was really impressed. They had 100 feet of spiders which we put along the top of the walls. There was hanging bats, skeleton garlands.. they thought about all the spaces within a venue. I will definitely be using their packs again.
I really liked the scary silhouettes that were in the packs... we teamed them with the cobwebs and spiders that were in our pack. It looked really good with the old paintings/ pictures in the clubhouse.

Nathan and I as Frankenstein's Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein. I loved our costumes... although Nathan had a little trouble the next day getting his green face off! Even though when we got home we both jumped in the shower and scrubbed the face paint off... there were still traces of it the next day!  
All the boys at the party before the girls arrived. Most of them had gotten changed after their rugby games. There were guys from all the Accies teams there.
Two face, Superhero, Frankenstein, Viking and one half of Jedward! The boys certainly went all out on the costumes.
Wendy dressed as a Mummy with baby Katie as a Pumpkin... so cute all snuggled up.
The girls. Helen, Lucy, Loreen, Emma, Lorna and me.... I loved that all the girls still looked so cute in their costumes but I was... well I went for a different type of look!
Arnie on guitar and Kenny singing along to known
Zara, Loreen and Emma watching Arnie preform.
Me and Emily... my face paint looks quite scary!
The girls- Top row: Zara, Loreen, Emma and Lesley. Bottom Row: Leona, Emily, Me and Lorna.
Two Face and Bride of Frankenstein. We won the prize for best dressed male and female at the party.
I loved Jim and Arnie's costumes. They looked very much the part as Jedward... two Irish 'popstars'.
Nathan running proceeding. Everyone who had come in the same costumes had to do a boat race against each other. So it was the bunch of bananas vs the Sumos. I liked the fact they were encouraging everyone to be unique and creative with their costumes. 


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