Thursday, 4 November 2010

Come Dine with Me- Take 3 (the drinking night!)

On the Sunday night Chick and Caroline hosted the 3rd and final Come Dine with Me evening. It was a great night and was by far the drunkest night of the holiday (as photos later in this post prove!) The night began with a treasure hunt. Each clue lead you to another location in and around the house and often the clue cards were accompanied by keys that opened various boxes/doors etc around the house. It was so much fun- we were like little kids!
Clue no3 was outside beside the massive satellite dish that we couldn't get to work all holiday (so no X factor watching for us girls and the boys missed the last day of the Ryder Cup!)
One of the clues was attached to a can at the bottom of the pool. Nathan was very gentlemanly and jumped in the pool to get the clue.
I worked out the last clue and had the key to open the door of the balcony to claim the prize but Benji jumped through the balcony window and snatched it before I could open the door. Very cheeky!
The treasure hunt was by far the most fun entertainment- although I did very much enjoy the 'I'd like a pound of bacon please' game the night before... future villa holidays should definitely involve similar activities... loved them!
Caroline and Catriona with the cocktail of the night- Gin Fizz... it was delicious (I love my Gin) and we actually made a batch of it for the rugby club Halloween party this past weekend. Great recipe! So I have two new cocktails up my sleeve- Gin Fizz and Espresso Martinis.
Caroline and Chick did a great meal of Grilled Hallomi cheese and prawn, cream cheese topped crostini starter followed by delicious Steaks with great veg to accompany... however I was clearly most impressed with the fact that they had bought cones, sprinkles and chocolate for the ice cream. Everyone had had ice-cream for desert but it was not due to be marked so those who had hosted before had not gone to as much effort. I think I loved it most because I had had no chocolate all holiday (almost a week by this point- a miracle!!)
After dinner the drinking games got underway. We played Ring of Fire and certain cards meant you had to swap clothes (as demonstrated above) eat as many marshmallows as you could fit into your mouth, drink shots, drink from your own drink, preform and so forth... it made for a very entertaining evening!!!
Looking good in my black bolero. Stuffing his face with marshmallows!
 Caroline trying to beat the previous record set.
Catriona correcting us that she had in fact got 5 marshmallows in her mouth not 4 as we suggested.
 More clothes swapping!
 Chick drinking his drink in Caroline's dress.
 Preforming a dance so I could go to the toilet!
 I believe this was a Rocky routine to gain entry to the bathroom.
 Oh dear! It got very messy! I think I went to bed not long after this shot was taken!
The aftermath! We had such a good night and lots of giggles. When we came down stairs the final forfeit dirty drink (in the large goblet on the table) was still there.... obviously it all got too much!

The local area now do great recycling.... which is really good... but not when you don't want to be reminded how much you have actually drunk!

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