Thursday, 4 November 2010

Domestic life

It has been a bit of a shock to the system arriving back from Cypres to what feels like winter. We have however had some lovely crisp autumn days- those are my favourite. They make me want to wrap up warm, go for a long walk and eat cosy winter food.

Nathan and I have been trying to be good and continue, as we were on holiday (mainly) eating healthy, as natural as possible food. We have a del at the moment that I will be good 80% of the time. (more about that later!)

Above I made tomato and pesto soup (which I made a few years ago for Christmas day) it was delicious and I forgot how much I liked it (as did Nathan!)
We have also been back to the trusty croc pot.... This is the best invention for us. If Nathan has training and I am home before him I can tuck in and then he can eat when he gets in or if I am working late I don't have to feel guilty that there is no dinner made and I have to rush back to eat with Nathan. He can help himself. Nathan is the king of the slow cooker... he is much better than me... he seems to just know how much seasoning will work, a bit of stock.... I follow the recipes I have and they still don't taste as good as his guestimations!
I have also been taking fresh made coffee to work every morning. I love drinking my coffee on the way to work. (Cheaper home made with Starbucks fround coffee than bought from the shop) However my favourite travel cup (it was gold and sparkly from Starbucks) broke the other day so I am currently taking the travel cup above. We have 3 the same and they all seem to leak! So whatever I do I am always covered in coffee by the time I arrive at work! Time to invest in a new Starbucks travel mug I think!
I have been trying desperately to keep up with the housework. Doing the dishes before I go to bed rather than waiting till the morning.. or even worse the next night when I get in from work. What I would not give for a dishwasher.. but first I'd need enough space for a dishwasher!

I have been failing miserably at the household jobs... however help is at hand. My sister had a cleaner organised to help my Dad when he was not well. After he passed away my Mum asked her to stay on every two weeks to keep the family home clean... but now no one is really there apart from my Mum visiting occasionally. She has cleaned everything- she even ironed items that have been at the bottom of the laundry pile for years- including Girl Guide and Brownie Guide Uniforms!! (They have probably been there for 20+ years! he he!)

So my Mum asked if my sister and I want her to come to our homes for the month of November as my Mum will be back in December for Christmas and will want the cleaner back at the family home. I loved our answers... Becky said no, she was okay as no one can clean her home better than she can (Her and Dougie are so good. They are so clean and tidy and there house is always beautiful) I said " yes, because anyone could clean my home better than I can!!"

I can't wait!!! I am so excited as it will mean this weekend I won't feel guilty all weekend that I haven't cleaned or I won't spend time cleaning when really I should be sorting through all the stuff I have been throwing into boxes! (I need a winter clean... never mind waiting for a spring clean!)

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