Thursday, 11 December 2008

Christmas 2007

Last year was Nathan and I's first Christmas living together and because I need no excuse to celebrate and decorate I kind of went a little crazy!! We have really high ceilings and so I bought the tallest tree I could fit in the car!! It must have been about 7ft and it's diameter took up about 1/6th of the living room!! (and ours is not a big living room!)
I decorated it with white, silver, crystal and a few pale blue baubles... it looked so beautiful with only the fairy lights on!! I took me about 4 1/2 hours to do the tree!!! (and I started at 11.30pm!)
Our fireplace! (I'd love a real roaring fire.. maybe one day!!)
This was my table setting for Christmas morning breakfast. Last year we had so many place to go and dash to but we managed to spend Christmas morning together- We made tasty ham and cheese croissants- a tradition which will continue this year!!

But this year will be different! Nathan's parents are away in Thailand and Malaysia on a 60th birthday trip for Nathan's Dad. So Nathan and I are having Christmas Day just the two of us!! We can't wait! We've planned out a menu and I was making and baking on Tuesday so we are all organized!!

We will also be doing the tree a little differently this year as on Hogmanny (New Years Eve) last year we had friends round for drinks and the tree was so big and got in the way so much that it ended up falling over!! So safety first this year the tree is going to be smaller and take up less space. I'm going to go with a red and white theme this year and maybe some gingerbread baubles too!

But I love looking at the photos of last year and remembering what fun it was!!

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Heidi said...

So beautiful...I love that perfect tree Jennie, it looks like it should be in a magazine...your whole house does. I can't wait to hear the Christmas morning details...Love you so - Heidi