Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Crawford-Wilkinson Christmas Dinner Party

On Saturday night Sarah and James invited all the RBS crew and me along to their house for a wonderful dinner party. James did a beautiful job of the table and the food was amazing! We had a feast of recipes from the Jamie Oliver cook book- so tasty!!

Amber and Lucy (who had to get out of bed to come and say hello to everyone as she was very excited!!) Amber and Becky had spent the day with Lucy and Seb (their godchildren) so Sarah and James had time to prepare the dinner for everyone.

It was decided that instead of Christmas presents we would do a secret Santa with each person getting one name! There was a budget of £5 ($7) and there were some fun presents round the table!!
Sarah has had her three children in the last 4 years and when pregnant is addicted to Haribo sweets- she joked that Claudia, her youngest is entirely made up of them!
James received some chocolate and GQ magazine
Sarah D and her back massager for all the stress!!
I got Amber's secret Santa but she knew from the wrapping and the writing that it was me straight away! My genius gift were goldapples for her Christmas Tree... since she married in September her married name is 'Goldapple!'
My drinking game which came in handy later on!
Dougie received some comic teeth which went down very well- I think everyone on the table had them on!

The ladies looking lovely!! Paul with his Bratz karaoke microphone!
Amy who has two gorgeous kittens got a fun mug that said 'only my cats understand me!'
Becky was delighted about her space hopper that we had lots of fun with in the garden later on!
Bex having fun on her space hopper!
We played games after dinner including this buzzer game- fastest fingers first! The last person to press their buzzer gets a wee electric shock! (ouch!)
The table at the end of the night! Always a good sign of a great evening! Thanks Sarah and James and all the Secret Santa's!!

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