Thursday, 11 December 2008

Elf workshop!

About 4 years ago I decided in a cost cutting and increased enjoyment exercise to put together my own Christmas Gifts for friends. I have a list of about 10 girls who live near by who I am close with... (sadly I can't mail them as they always end up too heavy to send!)

My Dad calls it my Christmas Elf Workshop as the first year I took over his living room making up Christmas baskets for everyone. I put in a mulled wine kit, baubles with the recipients name on it, gingerbread cookies, bath salts for relaxing and a wee stocking filler... I had so much fun making them.

Then for the families I got bright red pots at IKEA and in gold wrote the family name on them and filled it with a poinsettia and then put red baubles with each of the family members names written in the same gold and hung them on the beautiful red plant!

In 2006 I made dinner party kits; these were made up of 4 chargers, 4 napkins, candle sticks with candles and 2 invitations to dinner and 4 name cards... oh and after dinner mints!! They were either in gold or silver and looked beautiful! (and for all that effort it really kept the cost down.) My friend Amber actually contacted me the other week to let me know she used her set for Thanksgiving in her new home in London!! (so nice to know your efforts are appreciated!)

Last year I made a cookie making set and weighed all the flour and dry ingredients out. I provided everything you would need from the greaseproof paper,baking tray and wooden spoon to the icing and decorations!!

2007's Christmas Elf Workshop were the only photos I could find so I hope you find some inspiration...

And as for Christmas 2008... well watch this space!!


carine said...

jennie landels you are soooo cute! i have handmade my presents this year too. brooches, samplers, and i've even learnt to knit! good old credit crunch... xxx

Heidi said...

You are unbelievable....I love how much thought and love you put into these gifts and how creative and unique they are!! We are ALL so blessed to have you in our lives!!

Anonymous said...