Friday, 19 December 2008

Ill in Bed!

Well the last week my life has been on hold (sort of!) I was all guns blazing last week, ready to get sorted for Christmas... I made my Christmas pudding on Tuesday (slightly late I know!) and all other Christmas day delights (more about that later) Then Wednesday I began sorting out the my decorations from storage so that my sister could put up the tree in my Dad's office. So I was on a roll!!

However on Wednesday evening I didn't feel so good- I had a fuzzy head and a really sore throat! I woke up early on Thursday to full blown illness. I was achy and so took to my bed. Nathan was very good and looked after me when he came home. Friday brought with it even more sickness. I was joking with my sister that I felt like I was in a period drama where someone is writhing around in their bed sweat pouring off them as someone worries about their fever!! It was not pleasant!

But because I have no common sense (I actually do!) but not when it comes to free trips to Paris gifted by Nathan's work!! I somehow and don't ask me how! managed to get myself together enough to fly to Paris for the weekend... not the best idea when you are ill and traipsing round a wet and cold city.... but it's PARIS!! how could I not!!

So since I got back on Sunday night I've been in my bed!! I managed to get out my jammies yesterday evening to meet a friend in town and this morning I ventured in to do the very first bits of my Christmas shopping!!! This is SO not like me! I am usually at the stage where everything is wrapped and under the tree so I can enjoy the next week but not this year!!

The elf workshop has also been on hold!! Maybe everyone will get January presents this year instead!!

I am still coughing a lot and feel like I am about to hack up a lung at some point but the head cold seems to have mostly gone... my poor sister now has it and my Dad seems to have caught it slightly!! Hopefully all will be recovered for Christmas!

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Heidi said...

Yuck...what a nightmare...ruining your Paris all sounds like the movies...!!