Thursday, 11 December 2008

Paris bound at Christmas!

Nathan and I 2 years ago on our first Christmas together! We had just been to the ice skating rink in Princes Street Gardens and the German Market! (a very good date night!)
Nathan and I last year at a Christmas wedding! I love getting dressed up all fancy!

This weekend we are getting to combine winter European markets and dressing up for a fancy night out as Nathan's work is taking us to Paris for the weekend! I can't wait! The last time I was in Paris was when I was 9!

We fly out early on the Saturday morning and have a surprise activity planned for the day and dinner at night time! Then on Sunday we are free to do what we wish and Nathan and I plan to see as much as we can!

I am suffering from the beginning of a cold (which is hopefully not a more serious flu!) as I am really looking forward to it! I took the day off today and snuggled up watching Christmas Movies and writing lists of all the millions of things I still need to do before Christmas but it's that way that I feel worse (hopefully before I get better real soon!)

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