Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thanksgiving Afternoon!

Nathan and I relaxing after he finally showered after the Turkey Bowl. He is so sunkist from being outdoors playing turkey bowl, teaching Lincoln to play Rugby and then helping with the deep fried turkey- more about that later!
We brought a few gifts from Scotland for our Thanksgiving hosts. Heidi, a fellow blogger was snapping away as I handed them out- it was a little like Christmas!
Nathan brought the guys Edinburgh Academy Rugby club ties, which celebrated the clubs 150th Anniversary. I brought the ladies recipe books that I had put together from my favourites and I had also illustrated.
Lincoln loved his Accies shirt and had it on straight away!
Nathan and I with Lincoln and Paige, who liked her colouring book and crayons... she was so neat at colouring in. I was quite amazed and she was so happy to sit and colour quietly. Such a lovely little girl.
Heidi also treated me with a Bithday gift.
Heidi always wraps things so beautifully!
I loved my pinny! (apron) and I wear it all the time in our home. I even used it on Thanksgiving day to help Vicki cook some vegetables. It is great for swishing from side to side- I love dancing in the kitchen! ;-)
Heidi captured this shot of Nathan reading a story from the book we brought the Russell children. Heidi thought this was extra special as Paige is quite shy around strangers and doesn't trust everyone and here she was allowing Nathan to read to her. I think he quite enjoyed the story too!
Cooking in the kitchen.
Steve, Lincoln and Nathan watching out for the deep fried Turkey. This is a very southern tradition. As well as having roast turkey from the oven the Stansburys also deep fried a turkey in this large metal container filled with oil. The deep fried turkey was delicious! So tasty and crispy on the outside. I am suprised the Scots haven't tried this Turkey version yet as we will deep fry anything!
Steve, Matt and Hillary in the kitchen as Steve carves up the Turkey.
Steve and Vicki with their tasty Turkey

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