Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thanksgiving Household Decor

Have you ever wondered where my inspiration comes from decorating each and every corner of my house? Well the Stansbury girls and mainly Vicki have had a huge influence on my style in this respect. I LOVE the way her home is filled with so many interesting and fabulous trinkets, sentimental items and beautiful crafts!
The front of the Stansburys house. It was fun to see them settled in a new home which was not the house I lived in when I stayed with them 12 years ago.
I loved all the pumkins that Vicki had around the house. 
 The beautiful front door enterance. I would LOVE a mirror like the one hanging here. I would love to get 3-5 mirrors like it and hang them in our hall. I must go charity shop hunting for these mirrors.
 The dining room where we had Thanksgiving dinner.
 A small book case brimming with inspiration.
A dresser with a collection of milk and cream jugs. Steve and Vicki's Grandchildren are a huge part of their life. 
Pumpkins and leaves on top of the fireplace. The house sure looked different without the twilight decorations hung up! It was so lovely to have a chance to look round whilst dinner was cooking.

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