Monday, 18 January 2010

Turkey Bowl

For Thanksgiving we spent the day with the Stansbury Family, who were my host family when I lived in Florida. They were so welcoming and included us in all their celebrations.

One of their family traditions is to play Turkey Bowl (tag American Football) the morning of Thanksgiving. Nathan got involved and played with the guys. Steve Stansbury was playing with his Grandson Lincoln, Heidi's son. Hillary's husband, Chris, Heidi's husband, Matt and Holly all took part to with Heidi, Hillary and myself watching from the sideline with all the little kids.

The children and Granparents team.

Nathan getting to grips with the different rules and ball play involved in American football. Namely the fact the ball doesn't always get played backwards. Nathan played centre and had to hike the ball back to the quaterback. (I think I have that right! I don't even know the rules to rugby and I have been watching on the side lines for years- so there is no hope for me remembering the rules/ moves of American Football!)

It was so lovely and sunny watching and we had great fun getting outdoors and meeting loads of new people.
 Holly looking cute with her tags.
 Austin, Hillary's son who loved playing with the football.
 All the little kids running around on the playing fields.

I love this photo below of the Stansbury girls! Holly, Heidi holding her youngest Kloe and Hillary.

Heidi and I had to laugh when Steve and Nathan were talking Kloe was busy looking up at Nathan and checking out how tall he is! Too funny! He must look like a giant to her! Then she was amazed by his feet! So so cute!

Nathan and I in the red bettle we rented whilst in Florida. It was a very cute car to drive and reminded me of my Red Bull days! 

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kate Zealley said...

the pictures of kloe looking up at nathan are so cute - even ian thought so and he's a miseryguts!!!
Kate x