Thursday, 28 January 2010

One Ocean Hotel

When I was at High School in Jacksonville we would always park in the car park of the Sea Turtle Inn and walk down to the beach. It was our landmark that we always knew to head for. Well the Sea Turtle Inn has had a MAJOR make over since last I was there and is now called One Ocean. It has been revamped and under Heidi's insistance we went for a nose around. I am glad I did I loved all the little touches and when the guys heard my accent he let us look in the Ballroom and all the way to the restaurant. The pool area looked lovely too. 
 The hallway to the restaurant.
 I liked this sculpture at the enterance of the restaurant.

 They also had a giant gingerbread igloo made out of actual gingerbread. They were putting it up for the start of the Christmas celebration. It smelt amazing! I could have easily broken off a piece!
 The pastry chef was icing it whilst we were there! Imagine how long this took to make! That is one big baking project! (Maybe one day!)
I really liked these trees in their foyer. They had gorgeous decorations on them that were made up of different glass. Very pretty.

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