Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Wilsons

Although we spent the majority of our time in Florida with Lauren and her family we have less photos of them. Mainly because Lauren and I spent most of the time in our sweats, our pjamas and generally just chilling out.  (not good for looking your best in photos!) This was exactly what I needed. Sitting round talking with one of my great friends. 

Lauren and I have a friendship where you don't talk for a while but when you do have a chance to sit down and download you just get where the other person is coming from. I love hearing her stories and tales of living in Colorado. She also offered me so much valuable advice about marriage and children. 

Nathan also enjoyed spending time with Lauren's husband Mick. Mick was so good to take Nathan out and about round Jacksonville giving Lauren and I a chance to catch up. Nathan really enjoyed getting to go for runs on Jax beach and around Fort Caroline and Mick even took him on to the Navy base for a look.

The girls or the boys each took it in turns to look after Sadie- who Nathan and I loved meeting and spending time with. Each morning I got up early and went through to chat to Lauren and Sadie was watching Mickey Mouse. She would ask where Napon was and would come into our room with me to check he was still sleeping.
On the Friday morning Lauren and I went to get a pedicure and when we came back Mick and Sadie were outside so I grabbed them and took some snaps as I might not have had another opportunity. I love these photos!... and I loved all Sadie's cute sleep suits- they just looked so cosy and warm!
 Lauren, Mick and their daughter Sadie.
On Friday night Lauren's Mum and Dad- Linda and Patrick, who were kind enough to open their home to us for the week we were in Florida (a BIG thank you to the McDaniels!) babysat for Sadie whilst Lauren and Mick treated us to dinner at Campeche Bay down by the beach.
I remember going to Campeche Bay in 2000 when Lauren and Mick had been dating for 6 months.... (I was visiting for Heidi's wedding) it was fun to go back and this time not be asked for ID!! Although once we left the Mexican restaurant, where we had great frozen margaretias and sangria we tried to get in to a couple of bars and they all wanted our British passport to gain entry and wouldn't except our UK drivers licence. So this time we weren't refused drink for looking to young (boo!) but for legal requirements! We had a great night though and it was fun to laugh with the Wilsons!
Lauren and I at Campeche Bay Mexican Restaurant.
Mick and Nathan
 Lauren and I giggling in the back of our Beetle.
I missed Lauren a lot when we left Florida and I am so thankful for facebook so we can keep in better contact. I wish we lived closer and we could pop round for coffee or sit in our sweats in her kitchen and download! I am so thankful that Mick e-mailed us to ask if we'd come over for Lauren's birthday. I wouldn't have missed it for the world and am so thankful we got to be there at this special time in Nathan and I's relationship. I feel like the advice Lauren gave me I needed to hear at that time. Some people are just priceless to your life. The work we put in to getting across to the States was worth it to suprise Lauren! 

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Kristin Lea Robinson said...

You both look so lovely. I miss you both! I have loved seeing your blog post of your trip!